Getting Your Child Ready For Preschool

Entering preschool is a transition period for your child and a very important milestone. It would be best if you prepared your child well ahead of time for the big event so that you don’t surprise her on her first day of school by leaving her behind. Below are some tips on getting your child ready for preschool.

Take Your Child to a Potential School

There’s nothing like giving your child a sneak preview of what’s to come. So that it won’t be her first time to see a school, take her along to your preschool visits so she becomes familiar with a school setting. Take the time to tour her. Show your child what a classroom looks like and what goes on in a preschool class. Explain that there are fun activities like art and storytelling.

Buy Some Preschool Exercise Books and Do a Dry Run

Preschool will be a time when your child will be exposed to workbooks and activities that make use of her fine motor skills like coloring, making shapes and cutting with scissors. Get her ready for this by exposing her to a sample workbook and doing activities with her that simulates the classroom. This way, by the time school starts, it won’t be her first time to encounter such activities. She’ll also be well-prepared by having practiced ahead of time. Make sure that these activities are fun for her. If you notice that your child is bored, then stop the activity and switch to a new one. Don’t force any activity on her.

Expose Your Child to Other Kids and Observe Her Interactions

Preschool will be a time when your child will be exposed to a lot of kids. Apart from checking what the teacher-to-child ratio will be in your child’s chosen preschool, it would be a good idea to expose your child to more kids by setting play dates with other parents or having your child play with cousins and neighbors. Make sure to observe how your child interacts with others. If she is shy and refuses to play with the other kids, try to find ways to encourage her to be more sociable. Positively reinforce her friendliness and her willingness to try something new. Teach her about taking turns and cooperating with others as she will most likely have to take turns with her classmates when school starts.

Let Your Child Get Ready on Her Own

Preschool will also be a time when your child will start becoming more independent. Give her ample practice in doing things on her own. Let her try putting on her own clothes, feeding herself and putting on her own shoes. Ask her to practice “packing away” her toys and books. Teach her to speak up and ask for help so that when school starts she’ll be on her way to developing a good attitude.

Nowadays, there are claims of being able to do everything under the sun. Our education system has pushed so many financial responsibilities onto our parents, making it very difficult to decide on just one. By then, preschool costs have risen into affordable territory for some, but out of reach for others.

Education is really important if you want your child to have a chance at excelling in school.

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