Welding Inspector Profession

Welding inspector is a part of QA/QC that involve in the welding work. He is responsible for doing inspection before, during and after welding. Starting from inspection of material receiving till the part completely welded.

To become a certified inspector, you need to pass some requirement. You need to have some years hands-on experience while working then taking a certification, or if you have higher level education that related to metallurgy then after 1~3 years experience in welding you can take the course + international certification such as CSWIP 3.1 (Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel 3.1) or CWI (Certified Welding inspector.

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Your certification achievement status to one of the international certification bodies above signals a degree of professionalism and commitment that you are take seriously in welding inspector profession and typically will reward you with higher wages.

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How to become a professional welding inspector?

  • You need to have high school education at least and have 7 years experience and QA/QC of welding. Completion of your diploma or university that related to metallurgy or material education drastically reduces the amount of time you need to spend for professional experience.
  • Find a vocational institute or training organizer that offers CSWIP training or CWI training. Enroll for the training and certification.
  • For the certification purpose, you have to pass some papers with requirement: average score 80 and minimum score for individual paper is 70. Base on the experience, average passing rate is between 0~30%, means if there are 10 people attending the certification, the people that pass between 0~3 people only.
  • You need to get expose in welding inspection activities, and all your experience after getting certification will be recorded for next renewal welding inspector certification purpose.

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